These briquettes are now gaining popularity on account of *

  • Reduced cost and econonics
  • Maintenance of temprature equal to that of diesel or coal
  • Disposing of residue easy and safe Reduction in inventory and clean in handling

Domestic & Industrial Applications

Domestic Applications Application of Pellets is extensive worldwide and the use of biomass pelles can be seen in daily life

  • Water heaters Application + Room Heaters
  • Stove for backing Cooking

Industrial Applications Briquettes

Industrial Applications Briquettes are widely used for any Thermal applications where coal can be utilized i.e. steam generation in boilers, heating purpose etc. Use of BRIQUETTES/WHITE COAL/ BIO COAL as a fuel for energy has shown some very promising results and may eventually replace coal based gas producing systems and oil firing in furnaces permanently We also supply plates of assorted sizes. Our major clients are: Creative Masters Carpentry and Kitchen Designers Limited Jagzam Zambai Limited and Godgrace Investment Limited among others.

BRIQUETTES/WHITE COAL/BIO COAL replace the following conventional fuels that are used in mass Quantities. 

  • Diesel
  • Kerosene Furnace Oil
  • Firewood Coal
  • Lignite

Few Applicable Industries are

  • Spinning mill
  • Ceramic and refractory industries
  • Solvent Extraction Plant
  • Lamination Industries
  • Chemical Unit
  • Leather industries
  • Dyeing Plants
  • Brick making units
  • Milk Plant Food processing Industries
  • Gasifies Sys. in thermal
  • Vegetable Plants • Textile Unit
  • Other Ind. having thermal application
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