Does wood briquettes makes a better stove fuel?

In this series of blog posts, let us share our thoughts of why we think it is more cost eective and there are more long term benets to use compressed wood briquettes in your wood burning stove than actual kiln-dried hardwood. Again, this only our opinion and we still love our kiln dried rewood.

In short, the compressed wood logs may come in many shapes, round, octagonal with dierent price range and performance varies. Unlike rewood, the nished compressed logs are produced product and are made of wood chips or sawdust. Names like Beech, Oak or hardwood, may indicate the type of wood that was used of making the briquettes. Something to note is the way compressed Wood Briquettes are sold. Wood Briquettes value is measured in weight and caloric value. Basically, the number of logs per package should not be your main feature when deciding of purchasing Wood Briquettes. The 5 log backpack could as well be 6 kilograms or 10 kilograms. You should learn the product weight rst, to determine what is the overall value of the purchase.


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